Samuel Eto'o Clowned Phil Jones, Then Scored a Deflected Curler for Chelsea

Samuel Eto'o goal against ManU-b

Samuel Eto’o’s run of fortunate bounces continued today in Chelsea’s match against Manchester United. The Cameroonian striker put the Blues ahead 1-0 in the 17th minute on this nice-looking goal that benefited from a deflection off the out-stretched boots of Michael Carrick.

Even better than the goal itself was Eto’o’s little shimmy at the edge of the penalty area that left Manchester United defender Phil Jones looking for his briefs somewhere in the turf at Stamford Bridge.

Samuel Eto'o goal against ManU-a

As always, Chelsea vs. Manchester United creates many mixed emotions for neutral observers since the two sides tend to be the Premier League’s most loathed clubs.

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