Tom Brady Has Missed Two Open Deep Throws that Could Prove Costly

Tom Brady misses a wide open Julian Edelman

Tom Brady put up his lowest yards per attempt this year since 2006. There are many reasons for this, a lot of them to do with the change in players around him, and key injuries. Another though, is that Brady has not been as good on the deep passes this season. Earlier this year, when I went through the drops to see what effect that they were having on his numbers, I watched all throws to that point. His deep ball accuracy stood out as another contributing factor.

Fast forward to today. In the first quarter, Brady had Edelman running wide open on play action, and overthrew him by several yards. Then, at the end of the first half and with New England trying to come up with a play to get in field goal range, he had another opportunity. A completion there, and depending on how many yards after the catch, New England might be trying a field goal to end the half.

Tom Brady misses Austin Collie down the sideline

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