Erin Andrews Has Had Plenty of Memorable Sideline Interviews. Was Richard Sherman's the Best?

ACC Basketball Tournament - Florida State v North Carolina

Erin Andrews, as you certainly know by now, found herself on the receiving end of Richard Sherman’s WWE promo last night. She had the microphone, and Sherman had just made a play against hated rival Michael Crabtree to catapult Seattle into the Super Bowl. Sherman screamed. The internet howled.

Andrews, the most prominent sideline reporter in sports, has had several interesting/awkward moments on the job. Everyone has. Where does the Sherman encounter stack up?

David Ortiz: The FCC Won’t Let Me Be

After the Red Sox won the 2013 World Series, Andrews was interviewing David Ortiz. At the 1:40-mark, she hands him the mic to address Boston one last time and implores him to keep it cleaner than after his post-Marathon bombing speech where he famously said, “This is our bleeping city.”

Collateral Damage in a Gatorade Bath

More 2013 Red Sox. Speaking with Jarrod Saltalamacchia after he had a walk-off hit to beat the Tigers, Andrews was unable to avoid getting drenched by the Gatorade bucket. She would later talk to Jimmy Kimmel about the harrowing incident.

Curt Menefee Asked if EA’s Tongue Was Functional

As luck would have it, all of Andrews’ appendages survived a chilly winter day in Chicago.

50 Cent Goes in for the Kiss at the Daytona 500

Erin Andrews shut down 50 Cent before the Daytona 500
Access denied.

Richard Sherman Channels Randy “Macho Man” Savage

You’ve already watched Sherman’s instant classic interview with Andrews a thousand times, so let’s mix things up a little bit with Benstomium’s splice of the clip into an old WWF promo with Mean Gene Okerlund. It’s exquisite.

Bruce Pearl Gets Touchy-Feely

We respectfully disagree. Pearl’s record may stand long enough for us to tell our grandchildren about it.

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