Jacoby Jones Gave an Awkward Interview During the Pelicans/Kings Game

Jacoby Jones, aka the guy Mike Tomlin tripped on Thanksgiving night, was interviewed by sideline reporter Jennifer Hale in the late stages of Tuesday night’s Kings win over the Pelicans in New Orleans. Jones is a native of New Orleans and a free agent, so on paper he was a good guy to talk to fill air during garbage time. The resulting interview was, well, a little bit awkward as you can see in the video above. 

Let’s be fair, professional athletes are allowed to enjoy themselves at a game just like everybody else, right?

It’s probably worth remembering Jones was hit in the head with a champagne bottle by a stripper named “Sweet Pea” last year. To Jones’ credit he owned up to it and provided one of 2013’s best mea culpa’s.

Note to self: hang out with Jacoby Jones at Mardi Gras this year.

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Because you want to see it first!

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