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Essay Anne Vanderbilt: Business Partner Blames Grantland Article For Timing of Suicide

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Essay Anne Vanderbilt’s ex-girlfriend and business partner Gerri Jordan blamed fear about the Grantland article for “90 percent” of the timing of her suicide in October. Jordan did not blame the author, Caleb Hannan, for the suicide itself, noting multiple past attempts and a history of depression. But she believes the article was a factor in when it happened.

“I don’t hold any grudge, really, since she’s tried it before,” Jordan said as her eyes filled with tears that did not spill over. “So how can I say it’s all his fault, when it’s not really all his fault?”

She paused for a long breath, “I mean, eventually she would have anyway. … It just so happened to be the timing with the article.”

Jordan was a partner in Yar Golf and had dated Vanderbilt for five years. Vanderbilt committed suicide in her bedroom.

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