Barry Switzer Explains Need for Hot Dogs During 1995 Pro Bowl

The best part about Barry Switzer’s tweets is that you can absolutely hear Switzer shouting all of these things in his signature twang.

In summation: He and Barry Sanders were hungry and no player or coach wants any part of the Pro Bowl.

These are the times when you wish Twitter allowed 1,100 characters per tweet, because you just know Barry Switzer wants to talk about eating hot dogs in great detail.

In all seriousness, why aren’t all players, specifically linemen and fullbacks, chomping on cheesesteaks and buffalo wings during these things? I presume Roger Goodell wouldn’t dare fine someone for enjoying a lighthearted moment at the Pro Bowl unless it violated the league’s ultra-sensitive uniform rules.

While we’re here, three key takeaways from that 1995 Pro Bowl:

— Switzer ate more hot dogs (3) than Troy Aikman completed passes.
— After the game, Michael Irvin said “T-G-I-O. Thank God it’s over.”
— Marshall Faulk topped O.J. Simpson’s Pro Bowl record of 112 yards rushing and proceeded to offer up this completely-full-of-shit quote: “I’ve watched this game many times and for it to happen to me is incredible. To have a big game here means a lot.”
— The referee was Larry Nemmers. Thanks again for that tidbit, Wikipedia.

The Pro Bowl begins at 7:30pm on NBC. Don’t forget to tell everyone how you won’t be watching it.

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