Rangers-Devils at Yankee Stadium Delayed Due to Sun Glare, Cast of Jersey Boys Anointed to Save the Day

The Rangers-Devils game at Yankee Stadium has been delayed about an hour, with a new scheduled start time of 1:38pm, due to the sun glare. That news alone is so very NHL since the NHL scheduled the early start time without considering the sun continues to exist in the winter despite the temperature change. Or maybe they just thought Yankee Stadium was a dome.

Among the things the NBC broadcast team has opted to discuss since the delay was announced:

  • Actual quote: “Brian Boyle is a Red Sox fan, what do you think he’s thinking right now?” When you’re desperate for topics to discuss right off the bat, you’re royally screwed.
  • The cast of Jersey Boys were introduced and took the stage in what was quite possibly the strangest combination of music and sports we’ve ever witnessed.
  • Yankee Stadium is now playing “Oh What a Night.”
  • They are again discussing how strange it must be for Brian Boyle to be skating on the ice at Yankee Stadium since he’s a Red Sox fan.

The beer sales have to be off the charts.

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