Mike Adams of Denver: I'll Walk Home - 12 Miles - if the Broncos Win the Super Bowl

mike adams denver

Mike Adams, a Denver safety, is so excited to be in the Super Bowl, he said he’ll walk home 12 miles to his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey if the Broncos defeat the Seahawks Sunday. This seems like an odd statement to make – he was probably joking, right? – because why would you want to celebrate a Super Bowl win by walking 12 miles in the cold? I thought these bold declarations were only made by overconfident favorites who claimed they’d do something foolish if they lost? The Broncos are only favored by 2. Adams told Mike Kiszla of the Denver Post:

“If we win the Super Bowl, I’m going to keep my helmet and pads on and I’m walking home,” Adams insists.

“After I get to the IHOP on Route 3, I’ll start hitchhiking,” said Adams, laughing. “But they’d probably think I’m just some crazy person.”

What are the odds he backs on out this when Denver wins? Like, 94 percent?

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