Jerry Seinfeld Told WFAN His 'Secret Project' is a Seinfeld Reunion Of Sorts

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David recently revealed they’ve been working together on a “top secret” project. Speculation has run rampant. Maybe it’s a musical. Maybe it’s a web series. Maybe it’s a Super Bowl commercial. Maybe the whole thing is a hoax. Maybe, if we’re lucky, it’s a sequel to Bee Movie.

Earlier this month photos spread around the Internet of Seinfeld and Jason Alexander outside Tom’s Restuarant, setting off even more speculation.

Thursday Seinfeld popped up on WFAN’s morning show with Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton, providing a lot more details on the project thanks to the questioning of producer Al Dukes.

Seinfeld remained coy but said it won’t be a Super Bowl commercial (or maybe it will be) and that Alexander will play George Constanza. Other Seinfeld characters and locations will be in the mix, but Jerry’s apartment won’t. David is part of the project but won’t appear on-screen. It’s also going to be longer than a minute and will probably be a one-off.

Got all that? Have all your go-to Seinfeld references ready? Commence even more speculation!

For what it’s worth, Seinfeld did have a de facto reunion during the seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s better to live in a world where Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer aren’t making pithy observations about cell phones, but that’s just me. Then again, if this reunion project involves Keith Hernandez and Bookman along with some jokes about proper diner or shirt-buttoning etiquette, count me in.

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