Roundup: LeBron James Said "Retarded," Full House Reunion, Christie Brinkley Turning 60

christie-brinkleyChristie Brinkley turns 60 on Super Bowl Sunday … dammit, Larry … doctor walks 6 miles in the snow to perform life-saving surgery … a beer delivery drone for ice fishers … Waste Management Open has a floating display using 140,000 used golf ballsFlorida man invites cop to put a finger in his A … this guy got attacked and extorted for @N … unfortunately, there won’t be a 4-hour director’s cut released of Wolf of Wall Street … an opera about Milli Vanilli … petition to deport Justin Bieber hits 100,000 signatures … McDonald’s worker sold heroin in Happy Meals … German cow farts cause explosion … postal worker stole lots of video games … Miley Cyrus played “Unplugged” ….

Lance Berkman has retired. Feel free to share your favorite Lance Berkman moment in the comments. [WPRO]

Edmonton’s Ben Scrivens stopped 59(!) shots last night. [Toronto Star]

LeBron called a reporter’s question retarded. He had to apologize after the Thunder beat the Heat. [Sun Sentinel]

US luge gets a lot of help from right here in Upstate New York. [Times Union]

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods were playing golf while you were asleep. Rory currently leads the Dubai Desert Classic. [ESPN]

Manu Ginobili is out for a month with a hamstring strain. [Eye on Basketball]

Fran McCaffery kicked a clipboard. [Lost Lettermen]

The Pacers are the Seahawks of the NBA. [Grantland]

A look back at very, very early professional football. [New York Historical Society]

Jamaal Charles wasn’t concerned with his concussion and wanted to come back in the Colts – Chiefs game. [KC Star]

Mom gets surprised with Super Bowl tickets. [Thunder Treats]

So why did Sienna Miller fall off Hollywood’s radar after GI Joe: Rise of Cobra? As fine a question as has ever been asked. [Entertainment Weekly]

Truck driver has understandable reaction to a near-death experience.

I would put Anna Kendrick in a Super Bowl ad.

Weird, strange, creepy, funny.

David Stern did the Top 10 on Letterman.

Marshawn Lynch doesn’t owe any media member anything because he was the focus of ESPN’s greatest accomplishment. Dude was a fresh of breath air.

There was a Full House reunion on Jimmy Fallon.

Because you want to see it first!

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