Tony Parker Airballed a Technical Free Throw, Got to Try Again

Tony Parker went to the line midway through the 3rd quarter of Wednesday’s Bulls – Spurs game. Parker was shooting a free throw for a Joakim Noah technical foul. Parker started to shoot the free throw and then tried to stop for some reason. The ball made it about halfway there and the referees let him try again. Luckily, the Bulls won by 10 so we don’t have to call this Free Throw Air Ball Gate. But we could if we wanted to…

Tony Parker missed T-b

This is the weirdest NBA free throw do-over since since a referee tried to block a Kris Humphries’ free throw. And the ugliest free throw since that big guy from Appalachian State shot the worst free throw ever. And look! Here are some more links to posts about free throws!

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