Comedian Bill Burr: Justin Bieber's Biggest Flaw Is His Basketball Game

Comedian Bill Burr went on Conan last night, and he pretty accurately diagnosed this whole Justin Bieber situation. Most of us would struggle with the fame, fortune, and adulation from the opposite sex that has been bestowed on the Biebs from such a young age, but we’d hopefully be self-aware enough to realize that those successes don’t especially translate to the basketball court.

Referencing a recent Instagram video in which Bieber knocked down a shot over a lackluster defender, Burr was dismayed with the embattled pop star’s facial expressions.

“He hit a 12-footer, and then he turns around and he’s like glaring at the camera like I said he couldn’t do it or something,” the comedian laments. “I never saw Jordan do that. Like he just did something. It didn’t even look like the net was regulation size.”

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