Vernon Davis Asked Roger Goodell Why NFL Players Don't Receive Free Health Care for Life

Vernon Davis asked Roger Goodell a question during the NFL commissioner’s ‘state of the league’ press conference Friday about player health care. Specifically, Davis asked why NFL players aren’t ensured free health care for the duration of their lives, given the physicality of the game.

Davis, who will write a piece for MMQB, was direct in his question. The same can’t be said for the commish’s answer.

Here’s part what Goodell said. The full transcription is available at NBC Bay Area:

“We also still have a lot of work to do for former players. The cost of trying to provide health care for every player that’s ever played in the league was discussed with the union. It was determined that these changes were the best changes. And that’s what we negotiated. We’re all proud of the efforts that we made. We’ll continue to make more efforts and do a better job, particularly with our former players in providing them opportunities and to give them the proper health care.”

Goodell can continue to give as many non-answers like this as he likes. The issue of player safety and well-being  isn’t going away any time soon. Remember, earlier this month a judge threw out the NFL’s proposed plan to settle a concussion lawsuit since $765 million might not be enough.

If you’re under the belief all NFL players are multi-millionaires or exceedingly wealthy, here’s a breakdown of the league’s minimum salaries.

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