Girls Guide to Super Bowl Graphic Assumes Women Know Nothing About Sports

Girls Guide to Super Bowl

The critical guide for women watching the Super Bowl has finally arrived thanks to News 12 in Brooklyn. This was a pretty crucial graphic to feature considering men, and only men, know and understand sports well enough to know what it takes to watch a Super Bowl properly.

First, once you’ve finished cooking and made sure there’s enough beer in the house for the men, pick a team to cheer for since you don’t have one already due to the stark reality that you know absolutely nothing about football.

Once you have a team, don’t fake being interested, especially since you’ll be faking it later this evening anyway.

Be sure to dress “comfortable-chic” because if there’s one day where a guy truly cares what a chick is wearing, it’s definitely Super Bowl Sunday.

Finally, “show your colors” and “bring it on” because News 12 ran out of points to make and this guide needed to consist of at least five points.

Now go see if your man needs another beer.

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