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Michael Kay Opened His First YES Simulcast with a Direct Shot at Mike Francesa [UPDATE]


Mike Francesa vs. Michael Kay has the potential to be the greatest feud since Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon … or the exact opposite. Monday afternoon Kay began his first radio simulcast on YES in the spot formerly occupied by Francesa by throwing a bottle of Diet Coke in the trash.  Consider this a direction shot at New York’s No. 1 by Kay & Co. given Francesa’s well-documented love of guzzling Diet Coke (minus their labels) during the duration of his five and a half hour radio show.

Here’s guessing this New York media feud captures the attention of the entire country, forcing brothers and fathers to pick sides. 

UPDATE: Francesa didn’t hold his tongue too long, telling Newsday’s Neil Best, “Classless, loser move from two guys I have been burying in the ratings for over a decade.” A caller also brought up Kay’s Diet Coke stunt and Francesa responded, “I’ve never considered them competition. I still don’t.”

Oh, it’s on.  [Photo via @jcampozano1]

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