Conspiracy Theorist Makes 15 Minute Video Claiming NFL "Rigged" Seahawks-49ers NFC Championship Game

A San Francisco 49ers fan with way too much time on his hands put together this 15-minute video, claiming that the NFL is rigged, and that’s why Seattle beat San Francisco 23-17 in the NFC Championship game.

I’m not going to go through every point made in this video – though there were some badly blown calls in this game that warrant closer inspection – but if you’re a little somber that there’s no more actual football for seven months, it’s worth viewing. Things I didn’t realize:

* The Iupati injury came on a 4th down that shouldn’t have happened because Dixon scored the previous play, but the refs blew it
* The Lee penalty on the punt was totally incorrect, and not only was he lost for the game, but Seattle scored on the next drive
* I think the 4th down time mistakes (10:00 & 11:10) will probably get the biggest pickup out of this video. How does that happen twice in five minutes? How did nobody notice it?

I guess when Richard Sherman did this after the final whistle, nobody actually talked about the game.

Also: Jim Harbaugh’s sideline antics all game long were well warranted.

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