BREAKING: LeBron James Could Sign With Any Team - Including the Clippers! Or Your Team! - This Summer

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LeBron James has many, many options this summer. It’s true. The best basketball player alive can remain in Miami or opt out of his contract and test free agency like he did in the summer of 2010. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst is all over it, speaking with someone in LeBron’s inner-circle and getting a non-quote that turned into an article about LeBron going to the Clippers because the last time LeBron was going to be a free agent, the Heat played the Clippers and they’re playing the Clippers tonight on ESPN and oh, I get it.

From ESPN:

“This time is going to be different,” a source close to James said about James’ view of free agency. “If LeBron decides to look at other options it won’t just be teams with cap space. He has 30 options if he wants them.”

What. A. Scoop. If that doesn’t scream LeBron to the Clippers, nothing does. Including that. Any idea if LeBron is already publicly courting other teams?

“LeBron is not thinking about free agency right now, he’s totally focused on the season,” said one James associate. “In the summer he knows he can get to any team he wants to.”

Ooh… So LeBron isn’t thinking about it, but he has thought about how he can think about it after the season. This is good stuff! Now we just need to figure out what teams want LeBron. I mean, which teams are willing to sign LeBron for whatever amount of money they can? Or perhaps signed him for whatever amount of money LeBron would be willing to sign for? This is the  kind of thing that can only be answered in speculative columns based on postgame handshakes over the next 4 months. Stay tuned! And don’t forget to tune into Heat – Clippers on ESPN tonight at 10:30!

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