Roundup: Shaun White Withdraws from Slopestyle Event; Justin Bieber's 'Pot' Plane; $50 Allowances?

Playboy And Universal Pictures' "Kick-Ass 2" Event At Comic-Con Sponsored By AXE Black Chill - Red CarpetEmily Ratajkowski … four arrests made in connection with Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. … Shaun White withdrew from one of the two Olympic events he planned to participate in. … who is giving their kid $50 allowance a week? … is this good cleavage or bad cleavage? … Gawker loses writer to LeBron’s TV showLeo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill are teaming up again in another movie … “Adult Pajama Party, Nudity at Krazy Kidz Has Parents in Meltdown” … … Padres pitcher Corey Luebke will miss another season due to arm surgery. … apartment complex tells man to stop masturbating in front of his open window, so he burnt the place down … it’s not breaking news, but Jerry Seinfeld is funny … “can we talk about” is the question sports journalists love to ask … the never-ending battle against addiction … people are having all kinds of fun with the Joakim Noah freakout … Kelly Brook is still having fun at the beach. … Professor plans to live in a dumpster for a year.

“Exclusive Inside Story of Justin Bieber’s Pot Plane.” [NBC]

Flea explains why the Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘faked it’ at the Super Bowl. [Rolling Stone]

The most infamous athlete gamblers of all-time. [The Philly Godfather]

“The Ballad of Leno and Letterman, Told by Seinfeld” [NYT]

NESN has hired a TV host: Sarah Davis. The hunt continues for the Red Sox reporter position. [Globe]

The college football recruiting bubble – among fans. [AL.com]

Derek Anderson’s famous toothache in Portland? Totally fabricated. [Oregonian]

It’s Signing Day, here’s a look at where the top-rated player from the last decade is today. [Chat Sports]

Chris Walker had a huge dunk for Florida last night. [Diehard Sports]

Clownish Philly radio host suspended for responding to repeated emails from a troll. Said troll then sent the emails to Deadspin. [Philly Mag, Deadspin]

Ken Griffey Jr. talks about his famous Upper Deck rookie card. [Sporting News]

Would you look at who sits atop the NFL playoff statistics for highest 3rd down conversion rate? MARK SANCHEZ! [Football Outsiders]

Derrick Williams of the Kings with the biggest brick of the NBA season.

This is very fake. But somewhat funny.

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