Johnny Manziel is Either the Consensus No. 1 Quarterback, or Opinion is Very Divided, Depending on Which ESPN Draft Expert You Believe

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I hope you were ready, because draft silly season talk is kicking in full gear four days after the Super Bowl. Oh, and Johnny Manziel drives traffic, so you can bet that plenty of discussion will center around where the Texas A&M quarterback will be drafted. Mel Kiper kicks it off this morning with a conference call on the draft. The below is a quote attributed to Kiper.

Meanwhile, Todd McShay says, within a very short period of time, that evaluators may be the most split on Johnny Manziel. So, depending on which ESPN draft expert you believe, Manziel is either going very early, or is going to lead to much disagreement. You can almost see the gears turning, as ESPN sets up hot takes and debates for the next four months.

Heck, it may depend on which expert you believe at which point in time, as the goal posts will be moving on this one. Mel Kiper was already on the debate show “First Take”, just a few months ago, explaining why he did not even have Johnny Manziel on his Big Board. “You look at the physical qualifications, the height, the arm strength, the mechanics, you put together the off the field concern, and I bumped him down out of the Top 25 . . . .”

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