Tim Donaghy Is Suspicious of Intentions Behind Dreadful Kyle Lowry Foul Call

Kyle Lowry offensive foul call vs Kings

Kyle Lowry got called for an offensive foul on this jumper, and that’s obviously baffling. It’s so egregious that it’s not unfair to question if this was abject incompetence or if something more sinister was involved; Tim Donaghy, the former NBA referee who provided information to gamblers and served time in jail, seems to think the latter:

For what it’s worth, Goldsheet says the line was Sacramento by 1 while OddsShark indicates that the spread varied between Toronto -1.5 and and +1, so it’s unclear if Donaghy was just trying to stir up controversy or if he has access to a different set of odds than we can find.

Donaghy’s supposed line notwithstanding, if Lowry had gotten the three-pointer and made the free throw he deserved, Toronto would’ve been down 105-103 with about 26 seconds remaining and in a substantially better position to cover the spreads we dug up.

Donaghy did an interview with the Grizzlies bloggers at 3 Shades of Blue earlier this week. It’s interesting, but also important to listen to with a discerning mind.

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