Keith Olbermann Skewered the Sochi Olympics for Their Deplorable Dog Treatment

Avid TBL reader Keith Olbermann delivered his 98 MPH fastball last night in his segment explaining what has really happened to thousands of stray dogs to make way for the Olympic Games in Sochi — namely, an overwhelming majority of them weren’t, as the IOC recently claimed, getting taken to a vet and released back into the wild if healthy.

First, Olbermann referenced David Filipov’s Boston Globe story about a dog enthusiast who has saved about a hundred in a shelter, but estimated that the firm tasked with exterminating the stray animals (whose leader referred to the dogs as “biological trash”) had already killed 5,000-7,000 of them with poison, slowly-suffocating darts. Keith then called attention to David Herszenhorn’s New York Times report that many of the area’s stray dogs were actually former pets — or their offspring — who were abandoned when property owners were relocated to high rises that didn’t allow pets to make space for Olympic building.

Olbermann wondered: Will any American Olympic Committee members or athletes protest? When?

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