Roundup: Costumed Crime Fighters Fight Each Other; The Walking Dead Pranks Manhattan; World's Meanest Envelope

irina3Irina Shayk … How could a police department in America fire this adorable K9 officer? … More problems for Detroit: feuding costumed crime fighters. … British woman trolls her family on Facebook, goes to jail. … School apologizes for Black History Month lunch menu. … This isn’t the plot of Cable Guy: California prosecutors charge wrong twin with crime.  … In the year 2014 even envelopes have become mean-spirited. … A lot of those Sochi pictures are, gasp, fakes and fibs. … Sorry, but none of the Super Bowl ads this year had the lasting power of Cindy + Pepsi. … Joe Biden uses term ‘third world’ describing LaGuardia Airport. … Thank you Keith. … Pornhub comments on Valentines is your NSFW website of the week. … The man who replaced Mike Francesa on YES appears to be, among other things, delusional. … Here’s a glowing review of Wes Anderson’s latest film. … Topher Grace (remember him?) started a pop culture blog. … Good question, Bobby. … Good news: a zoos in Japan is ready should a gorilla escape after an earthquake. … Happy birthday: Gay Talese (82); Miguel Ferrer (59); Carny Lansford (58); Robert Smigel (55); James Spader (55); Garth Brooks (52); Stanley Roberts (45); Juwan Howard (40); Steve Nash (40); Alexandre Daigle (39); Aston Kucher (36); Matthew Stafford (26). … Valentine’s Day is next week. Don’t forgot to buy and or do something special for your significant other.

Sochi is actually really nice … in the summer. [The Verge]

In the battle between Man vs. Snowplow, never bet on the man. [Hyper Vocal]

A guy with brass ones is going to jump off Mount Everest in a wing suit — it’ll air live on Discovery. [USA Today]

Profile on the actress who plays “The Mother of Dragons.” [WSJ]

Ralph Kiner, a man for the 20th Century, certainly lived the American Dream. [NYDN]

Deep read (with great packaging/layout) on the enigma that is Bode Miller. [ESPN]

Breaking down the Bob Marley posters everyone hung in their college dorm room. [Time]

Solid read on an American playing pro soccer in Afghanistan. [Guardian]

“Put simply, Leno may have been bad, but he was good at being bad.” [AV Club]

Here’s Will Leitch writing about Sochi “Ruin Porn.” [Sports on Earth]

“How The Simpsons Took on Hollywood and Got Its Audience Back” [The Atlantic]

A look at the comedies networks are developing in 2014. (Spoiler: they all sound great!) [Splitsider]

Solid infographic charting Winter Olympic medals. [Guardian]

““History,” as these accounts define it, is a landscape peopled by JFK, the Beatles, Steve Jobs, various movie stars, pretty girls wearing miniskirts, quirky mustachioed bicyclists, and concentration-camp survivors.” [Slate]

An oral history of College Dropout. [Billboard]

“Korn’s New Music Video Will Make You Think … That Korn Still Sucks” … way harsh, Vice. [Vice]

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Seanbabys takedown of romantic “expert” Greg Godek always slays me. [Cracked]

New York wants to eliminate its swan population. [Red Ticket Blues]

Make some time to read about Bonnie Blair and Alberto Tomba today. [700 Level]

Panda bear + snow = …  ?

Zombie prank!!!

From Dorkly, a realistic take Johnny Cage.

Always amazes me that John C. Reilly can maintain a top-tier Hollywood career, yet still find time to reprise his role the good doctor.

The RoboCop remake/boot comes out next week and as bad as it looks, it won’t be worse than the time he saved Sting from the Four Horsemen.

Boz Scaggs

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