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JV Basketball Team Finishes Game 3-on-5, Wins on Buzzer-Beater

This might be the worst video ever taken, but it’s worth a look. It is a junior varsity basketball game between New Mexico’s Navajo Prep and Crownpoint high schools. The action picks up with 3 minutes remaining and the game tied at 55. Navajo Prep, on the road, is down to three players. Crownpoint takes a 4-point lead and then the worst close out in the history of sports takes place.

Again, Crownpoint has a 4-point and two player advantage. They give up a basket, commit a foul (which results in two missed free throws) and numerous turnovers giving Navajo Prep opportunity after opportunity to tie the game. Some of the calls are questionable (road cooking, anyone?), but in the end the Prep player still has to hit the buzzer-beating 3-pointer to win the game. 3-on-5. Do JV basketball coaches ever get fired?

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