Dutch Olympic Sponsor Busted for Urinating on Vladimir Putin's Fence

Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin a

Talk about wrong place at the wrong time. Atilay Uslu, the head of Dutch speedskating sponsor Corendon Dutch Airlines, had just left a party at the Heineken Holland House in Sochi in search of a 2 am shawarma. Nature called, and he started micturating on a nearby fence. Said fence just so happened to be protecting the Olympics residence of Vladimir Putin. Russian soldiers descended. Per the Moscow Times:

During his detention Uslu, who did not know who lived in the villa beyond his impromptu toilet, said he heard the guards talk about a “one-way ticket to Siberia” and use the Turkish word for “dungeon.” When he was later released and returned his possessions, which included 3000 euros ($4100) for buying cruise tickets for his employees, he said that he was missing 1000 euros ($1366). He has not tried to get the money back.

In the business world, that’s what’s known as a sunk cost.

(If your browser won’t load the Moscow Times story, UPI has a version that is written slightly less amusingly.)

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