The Official 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Calendar Forgot All About San Francisco Winning the World Series, Twice


In recent years, the Baseball Hall of Fame has become one of the easiest targets for complaints in the entire sports world. Most of this can be chalked up to the museum in Cooperstown, N.Y., allowing the BBWAA to vote — by paper ballot no less! — for which players are worthy of enshrinement in its hallowed halls.

The Hall of Fame isn’t doing itself any favors with its official 2014 day-by-day calendar. Granted not too many people buy these items anymore, but if you received one during the holiday season you were in for a treat on Tuesday. Yes, the San Francisco Giants won two of the last four World Series, despite the calendar putting them in company with the Cubs, Indians, and Rangers.

Five of the Giants’ MVP awards in question were won by Barry Bonds, and we know the BBWAA and Hall have done their best to forget that baseball’s all-time home run king ever existed. [via r/baseball]

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