Todd Lodwick Performed a Gold Medal Worthy Videobomb

Todd Lodwick photobombs reporter talking about Todd Lodwick-a

Todd Lodwick’s timing is impeccable. NBC’s Randy Moss was in the midst of a report about Lodwick, an American Nordic combined skiier, and who happened to walk by the shot? Lodwick himself. What a coincidence!¬†Lodwick made the most of the opportunity and staged a funny Olympic videobomb, giving his own update on his injured shoulder in the background.

Eventually when global warming deprives us of snow — it’s over 60 degrees Wednesday in Sochi — maybe we can replace some of the events with stuff like videobombs or taking selfies.

Moss, clearly, didn’t listen to his own report, tapping Lodwick on his questionable shoulder.

Todd Lodwick photobombs reporter talking about Todd Lodwick-b

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