CC Sabathia Looks Really Skinny Now. Did He Lose 50 Pounds?

ccskinny2cc sabathia fat in septemberCC Sabathia, based solely off photos posted to the Internet this winter, is no longer fat. At the very least when he arrives at Yankees camp in Tampa we’ll see a slightly more svelte version of the formerly hefty southpaw. Check out this photo of Sabathia on the mound in September.

Sabathia posted another skinny-looking photo Wednesday night, this time at a Madison Square Garden luxury box alongside actor Amuary Nolasco, who was one of the roughly 700 people killed on Justified this season.

Officially Sabathia clocked in at 290 pounds in 2013. He’s still a big guy — standing 6-foot-7 — but certaintly doesn’t appear to be anywhere near 300 pounds anymore. Losing some weight probably will help Sabathia since he’s coming off his worst season in 13-year career when he finished with a 4.78 ERA.

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