David Price Honest With Fan About How He Matches Up With Yu Darvish For Fantasy Purposes

David Price is a very good pitcher. At 28-years old, Price is a three-time All-Star who already has a Cy Young under his belt. Yu Darvish is about a year younger, has two All-Star selections and finished second in the Cy Young voting last season. David Price understands if you would rather have Yu than him on your fantasy baseball team. Most rankings have Darvish #2 and Price in the 8-13 range. 

As for the stat that Price threw out – Darvish has 498 strikeouts in his first two seasons combined. Makes you wonder if Price guessed, misread or was just making a joke. I like to think he misread, thinks Darvish struck out 498 batters last season and will spend all of Spring Training starting every conversation with, “How the hell did Yu Darvish strike out 500 people last season? That guy is amazing.”

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