Kyrie Irving Was Unbelievably Dominant in the All-Star Game and Here's All of his 31 Points & 14 Assists

Kyrie Irving was the reason I picked the Cavaliers to make the playoffs this season. That prediction … hasn’t exactly worked out. The Cavaliers have been the league’s biggest dumpster fire through 50 games, there have been rumored fights, newbie Luol Deng seems embarrassed to be there, and recently, they fired their GM.

The good news? Kyrie Irving really can play.

Yes, the NBA All-Star game is a glorified pick-up game with dunks and more dunks and no defense, but Irving shone brightly leading the East to victory Sunday night. His handle? Probably the best in the NBA (sorry, Chris Paul). He’s still only 21 (for another month) and he’s already won Rookie of the Year, the 3-point contest, and All-Star game MVP. Eventually, he’ll have a winning season – when he gets teammates, or signs elsewhere (Miami?) in a few years.

If for some reason you were watching True Detective or the Olympics last night, I’ll help you find Irving’s best highlights in the above video:

* 1:55 — The toss to LeBron for the reverse dunk was sweet. I could have made the toss; the dunk is worth watching again!
* 2:10 — Dribbles through four west players as if they were cones in a drill!
* 2:30– The first of his gorgeous reverse layups!
* 3:26– Deft pull-back dribble between his legs against Curry on the baseline. You can’t teach that!
* 3:48– Goes to WORK on Dwight Howard. Howard had no chance, but Irving made it look easy
* 4:02– Let me know when Irving is holding a class on the perfect reverse layup. I’ll sign up. The english!
* 4:18–  Gets out of trouble with a behind-the-back step-back jumper. Splash
* 4:48– Another layup attempt where Irving shows with one hand, then finishes with the other.

Because you want to see it first!

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