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Marcus Smart to Oklahoma State Blogger on Twitter: "No one's forcing you to watch us play"

Marcus Smart shoved a Texas Tech fan

Marcus Smart’s final game of his suspension for shoving a Texas Tech fan was last night. Oklahoma State lost to Baylor in overtime. The team’s dropped seven in a row, and as any losing streak goes, everybody’s frustrated. Pistols Firing blogger Kyle Porter, who’s also a golf writer for CBS, had some particularly snarky commentary:

To Smart, the negativity from Porter, and presumably a whole host of his readers, was unwarranted. Isn’t watching sports supposed to be what we do for fun?

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As Rick Pitino alluded to (but was brutalized out of context for), it’s gotta be just absolutely brutal to be any athlete and be the constant recipient of social media bile from neanderthals. I can’t even put myself in their shoes and imagine what that would be like. On the other side, though, it’s not like Porter was tweeting at Smart or saying anything that blatantly crossed the line. The live tweets could certainly be construed as annoying, but by Smart’s own admission he wasn’t tied up in a chair and forced to read them.

Smart was about as diplomatic as one could expect given that he was dignifying negativity with a response, but his general temperament has been troubling the past few weeks. Before the season, he was lauded by Charles Barkley for returning to school to work on his game, and by Jay Bilas for his general maturity.

Smart is still just 19 years old, and it would be absurd to write off his future potential based on what’s happened recently, but these are the types of things that anonymous draft scouts will murmur about tactlessly. Nevertheless, the sophomore was still ranked no. 6 on Chad Ford’s top 100 draft prospects list last week, so it’s not like irreparable damage has been done; hopefully these incidents the past few weeks are more of a blip on the radar than a foreboding for downward trajectory.

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