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Bob Ley Threw the Hammer Down on LeBron and Ish Just Got Real


Earlier today, LeBron was quoted in giving Tony Romo advice: “Just don’t care what everybody thinks … Don’t watch ESPN.” LeBron may have meant “Don’t pay attention to hating ass media in general,” using ESPN’s brand name like one would use Xerox to say photo copy, but the venerable Bob Ley took the shot personally, and fired back:

Even if LeBron did mean it as a direct shot at ESPN, he certainly wasn’t blasting Outside the Lines — he’s spent the last several years getting called out by the increasingly irrelevant Skip Bayless almost daily, and advising people not to watch First Take can add years onto anyone’s life. If ESPN featured Ley’s work more prominently, perhaps someone like LeBron wouldn’t have to implore others to ignore the noise.

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