Roundup: WhatsApp Sells For $19 Billion, Brian Williams Does "Rapper's Delight" & the Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

"Panda!" World Premiere Media NightClaire Sinclair … flying snakes … a new species discovered on the Gold Coast … elderly woman pulls gun on dude who shoveled her driveway … “Big Daddy V” has passed away at 43 … picture of Prince Harry with a dead water buffalo surfaces after the announcement of an anti-poaching campaign … an interview with the creator of the new David Walton sitcom, About a Boy … Facebook didn’t hire the WhatsApp guy in 2009 … 12 Years a Slave wasn’t easy to edit … yesterday Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion … racist restaurant turned into popular gay bar on Yelp …  50% of our GDP comes from a handful of cities … the highest rent in the country is in Williston, ND … Pizza Hut worker caught urinating in sinkpeople love beer… Watch True Detective? Want to read The King in Yellow?

The backstory behind the Lane Kiffin – Nick Saban relationship. [Sports Illustrated]

The Cardinals pitchers are not great fielders at this point in time. [St. Louis Post Dispatch]

The Milwaukee Brewers have adopted a stray dog as an unofficial mascot. [Big League Stew]

There are a lot more white men than anything else in writing. [Poynter]

Scouts are comparing Russ Smith to Allen Iverson. [Courier-Journal]

The biggest uniform fails in sports history. [Extra Mustard]

Paralyzed athletes find new life in quad rugby. [HooplaHa]

The FBI is investigating after a noose and Confederate flag was found on a statue of Ole Miss’ first black student. [New York Times]

Brooks Laich talks about his relationship with Julianne Hough. He seems to appreciate how hard the paparazzi work. [CBS DC]

Gregory Porter, a former San Diego State football player, became a jazz singer after his football career ended. He won a Grammy this year.  [FOX Sports]

25-year old bro talks shit, gets one-punched by a middle aged guy at the beach.

Breathtaking drone footage from Slovenia following days of devastating ice storms.

The official Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.

Dear Canada, we like hockey too.

I know it’s The Onion and it’s a joke, but this pretty much sums it up. [via Big Buzz]

P cool Happy / Get Lucky mash-up.

Brian Williams (feat. Lester Holt) performs Rapper’s Delight.

Because you want to see it first!

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