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Things Got Pretty Weird in the Marquette-DePaul Game

Trailing Marquette by three, DePaul’s Billy Garrett Jr. knocked down a three-pointer with 2.6 seconds remaining in regulation to tie things up. Marquette coach Buzz Williams decided to call a timeout to set up a play just before Golden Eagles forward Jamil Wilson heaved a desperation attempt from 3/4 court. Wilson’s extremely low-percentage shot happened to go in, making Williams’ decision look like a bad one.

One could argue Wilson wouldn’t have taken the shot had a whistle not blown, but where is the fun in that?

Fortunately for both Williams and Wilson, Marquette was able to hang on for the win in overtime — but not without the drama of a frantic final sequence reminiscent of that crazy New York high school buzzer-beater from last year.

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