Barry Switzer: Johnny Manziel is an arrogant little prick

Barry Switzer

Barry Switzer was a guest on CBS Sports Radio’s The Morning After program in St. Louis this morning, and one of the hosts pulled some choice quotes from what seemed like a riveting conversation (as interviews with Switzer tend to be). Specifically, how does the former Sooners and Cowboys coach feel about Johnny Manziel?

Surely Switzer can’t be referring to the partyingthe coach was said to have spent $100k on booze during a Super Bowl week in which his team was playing — so maybe he’s talking about this sorta thing?

Johnny Manziel show me the money celebration

Switching gears, how does Switzer feel about Manziel’s play on the field?

So, uh, if Switzer were in an NFL personnel department, how would he reconcile his hatred for Manziel’s personality with his admiration for the quarterback’s talent?

Sounds about right.

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