Here's Kevin Hart Taking a Penalty Kick Against Manchester City's Joe Hart

Kevin Hart is everywhere these days, apparently. His latest stop? You guessed it, the Manchester City training ground where he took (let’s safely assume a very staged) a penalty kick vs. City keeper Joe Hart.

Hart vs. Hart, get it? What’s next, Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart putting Kevin Hart into the Sharpshooter to help promo his latest movie in Canada? A Ride Along/True Detective crossover with Kevin Hart and Marty Hart? (I’ll stop.)

Personally I have zero point zero opinion on ubiquitous Hart. He was funny enough during his two-minute cameo in This is the End.

The main reason for posting this all-important clip is how Kevin Hart makes Joe Hart appear to be some sort of blond-haired English giant. Joe Hart is listed at 6-foot-5 — big for a keeper — but considering all the soccer I watch I never took him to be that imposing physically. I guess Kevin Hart is just that tiny. On second thought it would have been more fun to have Hart stand next to City backup keeper Costel Pantilimon, a 6-foot-8 Romanian. Of course that would have killed the whole Hart vs. Hart thing. Alas.

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