Ron Washington Doesn't Seem Too Thrilled About Russell Wilson's Involvement with Rangers Spring Training

Russell Wilson, fresh off his Super Bowl triumph with the Seattle Seahawks, is going to participate in Texas Rangers Spring Training on Monday. Wilson will play in a Cactus League game on Monday, but Rangers’ manager Ron Washington made it clear that he won’t get an at-bat due to potential injury risks. (Not even a bunt, Wash?)

Via ESPN Dallas:

“The guy hasn’t seen a pitch,” Washington said. “I’m not running him up there.”

If you watch the clip above, from the Star-Tribune, you can tell Washington really seems to have about zero interest in whatever publicity Wilson attending Rangers’ camp might generate. Let this be reminder 4,320 that baseball players and managers are often the crankiest creatures of habit on the planet.

Spring Training is often a long, boring affair. One day with Wilson in camp — even if it means an increased media presence — isn’t going to upset the apple cart too much, is it, Wash?

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