Roundup: Allison Williams is Engaged, Trending on Twitter Means Nothing & Josh Reddick Scales Wall, Steals Home Run

izabel goulartIzabel Goulart … man claims he burnt his penis making love to a pizza … “Two dogs take a joyride and crash truck into river” … 96% sure this is the most fascinating story you read today … former CNN correspondent has arm amputated after accident … middle school girls won’t stop fighting, so a cop brought out the stun gunpolo player dies when horse falls on top of him … scientists find 715 new planets … pretty neat display on this one: Bubble to Bust and Recovery … 10 years later, Fantastic Four is getting a reboot with Kate Mara91% sure this is the second most fascinating story you’ll read today … guy wears Breaking Bad t-shirt in meth labdata breach in December resulted in significant profit loss for Targeteat the rich and famous? … Allison Williams of Girls engaged to College Humor co-founder …

The most marketed 12-year old basketball player in the world. [Tampa Bay Times]

“I think it’s really simply the NFL looking out for itself, pasteurizing the product further and guarding against any prospective consumers becoming offended. You can’t get our money if we’re offended. Their morals are all about the dollar.” [Penn Live]

What does ‘trending on twitter’ actually mean? Nothing, apparently. [NYT]

A 2007 study showed white referees had an NBA bias. The study was recently revisited. Guess what? Bias gone. [Washington Post]

Naturally, the day I write glowingly about the Houston Rockets, they lose. The Paper Clips beat ’em, 101-93. [LA Times]

Nick Johnson, the superb Arizona guard, is the son of a dunking legend. [ESPN]

TJ Warren, an NC State sophomore, is having an amazing season. I had him in my last mock draft. It’s too bad the Wolfpack probably miss the NCAA Tournament. [Fay Observer]

Tremendous photo and video of a large crocodile surfing in Australia. [Perth News]

“I thought cocaine wasn’t illegal in Florida.” [Bradenton.com]

Really Paula Deen? Was the Michael Sam comparison necessary? [AL.com]

Marcus Paige. Game-winner. So smooth. He finished with 35 points and UNC could be looking at a 3-4 seed next month if this play continues.

Missed this earlier in the week: Kyrie. Irving.

Blake Bortles got asked about his girlfriend, Lindsey Duke, by teams at the NFL Combine.

These are some beastly Charles Barkley highlights from his Auburn playing days. [via Hot Clicks]

Josh Reddick made two splendid catches for Oakland, but the first one is really awesome.

Justin Bieber’s sobriety test? Anyone? Crickets?

Because you want to see it first!

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