Ron Zook's Daughter Starred in a Wendy's Commercial

Have you tried Wendy’s new bacon ciabatta cheeseburger? Jacquelyn Zook has, and she loved it. The proof has been airing on television sets across the country.

Former Florida and Illinois head coach Ron Zook yesterday tweeted out a crooked screenshot of the commercial masterpiece with the pride only a father watching his daughter eat fast food on television can have.

Lest there be any confusion, she’s not Wendy.

In my humble opinion, Zook turns in a pretty solid performance in the spot despite a weak script. The way she casually leans to her left while delivering her pun is a bold, yet believable acting choice.

Perhaps more importantly, her work group made the right choice not letting the annoying tie guy sit with them. Egg salad? What a fool.

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