Greg Cosell Is Worried Johnny Manziel's Freelancing Will Bite Him in the NFL

Johnny Manziel against Alabama 2013

Earlier this week, Greg Cosell was a guest on Ross Tucker’s podcast and discussed the quarterback prospects in the upcoming NFL Draft. The film study major seemed to fall on the Ron Jaworski side of things when it came to whether Johnny Manziel’s electric play would translate to the next level (via Rotoworld):

On tape, Cosell was taken aback by “how many balls (Manziel) does not throw to open receivers,” and that he abandons the pocket even when he “does not need to.” Opined Cosell, “I think it’s very hard in the NFL to live on the edge when you don’t need to. If you live on the edge too often, you will fall off the cliff, in my view, in the NFL.” Cosell believes Manziel’s tendency to move and/or abandon the pocket is not comparable to Russell Wilson’s, who does it in a “structured” manner. “When it’s third-and-six, and Russell Wilson sees he can run for eight yards and get a first down, he just runs for eight yards and gets out of bounds,” Cosell explained. “There’s a purpose to his movement. Now I’m interpreting Johnny Manziel on film, but quite frankly, when he moves I see a guy who moves, and then tries to figure it out. And I’m not sure that that works in the NFL.”

Earlier this month, Cosell opined that Manziel looked “almost undraftable” on occasion; on Tucker’s podcast, Cosell said that he believes Blake Bortles is the top quarterback prospect in this year’s draft.

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