Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens Didn't Want Rajon Rondo to Stay in LA, But He Did Anyway

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Rajon Rondo vs. anyone on the Boston Celtics with power remains real, and potentially spectacular. Remember last month when the Celtics departed LA for Sacramento and Rondo stayed behind for a birthday party, supposedly without permission from the team? Well, Danny Ainge elaborated about Rondo’s decision this morning on Boston radio:

Obviously “didn’t want” is not the same as “can’t,” and Rondo wasn’t scheduled to play in Sacramento. But can it really be a good thing when there’s always drama surrounding your best player?

Maybe this was just Rondo testing his new coach and the GM who knows his point guard has the best contract in the NBA. Maybe this was nothing – hey, he wanted to stay behind, who cares?

Or, I wonder if a stunt like this from Rondo will force Boston to lower their asking price for him in a trade (supposedly, they wanted two #1s in return).

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