Philadelphia 76ers Threatening NBA's Longest Losing Streak Ever Following 3rd Worst Month in NBA History

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The 76ers don’t have the worst record in the NBA, but they have lost 15 games in a row, and have (by far) the worst scoring margin in the league (-11.2). Philadelphia traded away two starters last month – Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes – and now regularly trot out a starting lineup featuring undrafted guys like Henry Sims and Hollis Thompson (both from Georgetown), and a journeyman former 1st round pick from Oklahoma State named James Anderson.

Poor Michael Carter Williams. It’s going to be a challenge over the last 20 games for him to lock up the Rookie of the Year award when he’s surrounded by NBDL talent.

It’s no surprise why the 76ers are doing this – their GM, Sam Hinkie, learned from Houston GM Daryl Morey, and Philadelphia was a teardown project waiting to happen. Briefly, the good news: Nerlens Noel is redshirting, and they have two lottery picks in a pretty strong draft (best case scenario: 1st and 6th).

And that’s about it.

Everything else? Really, really dreadful. Of these 15 straight losses? 12 are by double digits. According to ESPN, Philadelphia’s 0-11 February was the 3rd worst month any team in NBA history has had. Point differential? A robust -19.1. Nobody’s been that bad since the 1989 Clippers went 0-14 in January with a -19.8 point differential.

At this point, the question becomes: Will the 76ers win another game with this roster? There are 21 games left. If Philadelphia loses all of them, it will shatter the NBA record for most losses in a row (26, by the 2010-2011 Cavaliers) and worse yet, gamblers who took the “over” 16.5 wins for the season will be devastated.

Remember, Philadelphia started 3-0, and after a win against Boston on January 29th, were 15-31. All the 76ers needed was two wins in the final 36 games to hit the over. And it seriously might not happen.

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