Tim Lincecum and Kameron Loe Swapped Uniforms; Only 25 More Days Until Opening Day

Tim Lincecum and Kameron Loe

Tim Lincecum, who once famously went to a barber and said “give me the Maddow,” stands 5’11, nearly a foot smaller than towering teammate Kameron Loe, who is 6’8. Upon this stark realization, the contrasting duo opted to trade uniforms.

Loe’s new, in-your-face look would no doubt make for instant street admiration from the likes of Lloyd and Harry.

Now if we could go ahead and substitute “uniforms” with “wives” or “road beef,” we suddenly have our baseball story of the year before the season has even had a chance to begin.

Only 599 hours until Opening Day. Until then, probably best to follow your favorite beat writer for a stirring offering of blurry spring training photos.

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[via Fox Sports, Hunter Pence]

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