Roundup: True Detective Season Ends, Photo of Man in an Alligator Cape & Spring Break Knockout

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson … this is a man wearing an alligator cape, via Reddit … how to get fit in a few minutes every weekinternet trolls won’t like thisNashville is one of the hottest cities in America … nice read on Samantha Hoopes, who went to Penn State, dropped out, and is now an SI Swimsuit model … terrible camerawork, but here’s a guy getting knocked out on the beach at Spring Break …woman sits in her car in her garage, dead for about five yearsSteve Wynn’s NYC pad is incredible … Jim Carrey is now dating Natasha Galkina, who was on America’s Top Model … she went to the Oscars with her BFF Jennifer LawrenceFlorida family buys meat at Wal-mart; it was laced with LSDChipotle is suing Frank Ocean … “Millennials Deeply Confused About Their Politics, Finances, and Culture” … it’s Spring Break, Blake Bortles, do you know where your girlfriend is? … I was unaware that Ke$ha got 1,500 out of 1,600 on her SAT … woman plays fortune cookie numbers, wins $2 million lottery … who wants to talk about True Detective? Spoilers in that link …

“I never really knew Tiger. He won’t let anybody know him. I think the reason is that he doesn’t have anything to say. All he knows is how to hit a golf ball.” [Texas Monthly]

The real reason Ryan Harrow left Kentucky? His father’s failing health. [Courier-Journal]

Which college basketball arenas have the worst cell phone service? [WSJ]

High school baseball dominance? Wilson High School has won 21 straight league championships. How? [Wash Post]

Rashard Mendenhall writes about why he retired from the NFL at age 26. [Huffington Post]

Boston University women’s basketball coach accused of bullying her players. [Globe]

James Harden went for 41 points, 10 rebounds, six assists and six steals in an overtime win over the Blazers. Houston, one of the hottest teams in the NBA, trailed by 16 in the 4th quarter. [Chronicle]

The father of the Sandy Hook killer speaks. [The New Yorker]

Time to panic, Kansas? Joel Embiid to see Calfornia back specialist. [Sporting News]

There are a lot of good TV shows on these days … but they aren’t on network TV. [NYT]

What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? It took off Friday and hasn’t landed. [Reuters]

Boy hanging from a ski lift (?) is rescued.

If you have not seen the True Detective finale, don’t watch this “Inside the Episode” video.

Pittsburgh has a flimsy NCAA tournament resume, and thankfully, the Panthers didn’t blow this game over the weekend.

Because you want to see it first!

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