Roundup: Police Called to Subdue 22-Pound Cat, Jeff Teague's Earwax Problem & Hollywood Bringing Back Fletch

roxanne.pallettRoxanne Pallett, a British actress … Elisabeth Moss in overalls and no bra for New York Magazine … I’ll be able to say I knew Kevin Burkhardt way back when … Justin Bieber’s tape deposition confirms he’s the absolute worst … how news finds people on Facebook and Twitter … couple seeks shelter in bathroom from their 22-pound cat who attacked a babyArkansas school teacher accidentally shows students a sex tape – of herself … if you are remotely interested in the web and clicks and all that fun stuff, read this … now the media is stalking the Duke freshman pornstar’s parents … who knew model Izabel Goulart was so good at tennis? …  … Hampton, Florida, sounds like the worst city in America … here’s a UNLV cheerleader who is really in shape … “Canada Challenges Erotic TV on Level of Domestic Content” … South by Southwest used to be cool, now it’s mainstream and weak …

Texas A&M is expanding Kyle Field, making it the biggest stadium in Texas. Naturally, the Longhorns now announce they’ll expand their stadium, too. [My San Antonio]

Oh, look, Rolando McClain – he retired from the NFL last year at 23 – is telling people he wants to play again. [Carroll County Times]

Some people remain obsessed with Newsweek vs. the alleged Bitcoin founder. [Reuters]

Tennessee QB Joshua Dobbs seems poised for a breakout season with the Vols. [CBS Sports]

Will Rajon Rondo have the patience to rebuild with the Celtics? [Globe]

Hollywood definitely out of ideas: Fletch is going to be re-made, possibly with Jason Sudeikis. [Hollywood Reporter]

“I’m not Gary Smith. Gary Smith liked to dig deeper. Fuck that. I liked to take my first impression and roll.” Hot take, Dan Jenkins. [Grantland]

Atlanta point guard Jeff Teague couldn’t hear anything out of his left ear, and doctors determined it was because of a large amount of ear wax. Why was Jeff Teague using cotton swabs to clean his ears? [AJC]

Justin Smoak has won the starting 1st base job on the Mariners. [News Tribune]

A tease on season two of True Detective: “hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system.” [HitFix]

Phil Jackson and James Dolan would end badly, so why would Jackson even consider this? Money and ego, it seems. [Yahoo Sports]

Nothing happens for :15. But guaranteed you’ll laugh out loud. [via Neetzan Zimmerman]

This bizarre video is a year old, but Sony Pictures is making a movie about the woman’s mysterious death.

Twenty strangers meet and kiss for the first time.

See! Bears are friendly! [via Adam]

Because you want to see it first!

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