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Ex-Fiesta Bowl CEO, Who Expensed $1,200 Strip Club Visit, Gets Prison Time for Illegal Campaign Contributions

john junker

John Junker, the former Fiesta Bowl CEO, has finally received sentencing after pleading guilty to a conspiracy charge in 2012. Per the AP, what ultimately did Junker in was a scheme in which bowl employees were reimbursed for campaign contributions, but the executive flagrantly used the “non-profit” institution as a personal piggy bank.

As this site went over in 2011, Junker expensed $33,000 for a birthday party in Pebble Beach, $1,200 for a strip club visit, and four country club memberships. This was on top of drawing a $592,000 salary to preside over one football game per year

Junker will spend eight months in federal prison.

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