Jim Harbaugh and a Walrus Did Push-Ups at Six Flags

Jim Harbaugh + Walrus + push-up contest = fun?

Naturally Harbaugh’s version of a family fun day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Sunday included push-ups. It also looks like Harbaugh is lot more friendly with that blubbery marine mammal named Siku than he is to his own team’s general manager, Trent Baalke. Go figure.

Jim Harbaugh doing pushups with a walrus

According to KGO Harbaugh also, “got a kiss from sea lion, bottle-fed a tiger, met an elephant, and rode some rollercoasters.” That sounds likes almost too much fun for one day.

I guess the only other question to ask here is how much did Harbaugh pay for his shorts?

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[via KGO]

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