Grown Man Runs Over Little Girl While Tracking Home Run That Was Not a Home Run

fan runs over little girl during Royals-Rangers -a

Billy Butler doubled off Pedro Figueroa in the 7th inning of the Royals 6-0 Spring Training victory over the Texas Rangers on Monday night. You can tell from the time contact is made that Butler thought the ball was gone. A grown man named Allan also thought the ball was headed for the wall as he ran full speed to try and get a free souvenir. Unfortunately, there was a little girl in the way who also thought she had a shot at the ball. By the time the ball landed in the field of play, Allan had take out the little girl like he was Steve Tasker and she was an early-90’s punt returner who didn’t know that grit, hustle and hard work result in pain. As Allan describes it, he was a “little overzealous.”

fan runs over little girl during Royals-Rangers -b

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