Tom Brady and Gisele Are Selling Their Los Angeles Mansion For $50 Million

tom-brady-gisele-houseTom Brady and Gisele have been building a mansion in Brentwood, California for about four years, and now, they’re selling it. It’s unclear if they even lived in the 14,000 square foot home that has an infinity pool – we posted photos in August, but the owner emailed us and politely asked us to remove them – but TMZ says now they’re selling the house, and the asking price is $50 million.

Who knows what to believe about this house anymore. Does it have moat around it? That’s what I want to know. I find that terribly hard to believe. An infinity pool and moat? Wouldn’t they contrast?

[UPDATE: Someone has emailed in a link to a photo WITH moat.]

Maybe Brady just had an awful time living in the house recently while filming scenes from Entourage?

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