Chipper Jones Seems Annoyed Max Scherzer Reportedly Turned Down 6-Year, $144 Million Offer

Moments like this are what makes Twitter so much fun. A retired star freaks out over a current player declining a mountain of money that said retired player never saw. Wash, rinse, repeat. But Chipper probably does have a valid point in this instance, and not just your typical “get off my lawn” tone.

Fact: Max Scherzer turns 30 in July. Fact: Max Scherzer just turned down $24 million a season for six years. Rumored Fact: Max Scherzer just might be crazier than an inebriated single chick on Valentine’s Day.

Sadly, and most importantly soon to be a Fact: Max Scherzer will get more than $24 million annually because Scott Boras is his agent. We’ve all sung along to this triumphant ballad before.

And Chipper Jones may one day make for a wonderfully animated baseball owner:

Chipper Jones Max Scherzer

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Because you want to see it first!

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