Roundup: Mila Kunis is Pregnant, Fishermen Catch Hammerhead Shark & the Mad Men Season Seven Trailer

jennifer hawkinsJennifer Hawkins … policeman’s female boss put her blouse over his head and forced his head into her breasts  … the decline of cocaineHoward Stern is spending $8-10 million to renovate his Palm Beach palace … Hawaii tops for most people reporting mixed race  … man orders $80 worth of shots at a bar, and then bad things happened … Mila Kunis got knocked up by Ashton Kutcher … star high school athlete runs from cops at party, dies from hypothermia in a field … a 125-pound hot dog was grilled in Florida … no surprise, but a month after the Olympics left town, Sochi is empty … for the eight of you who watch the Bachelor, you’ll like this news … I bet this has happened in more than one Walmartpolice in Hawaii are allowed to have sex with prostitutestwo female teachers can’t be fired for hooking up in a classroom after hours … guy doing flips at Krispy Kreme hits the signdrive-by in San Francisco injuries seven … did you know vanilla used to be brown? …

Incredible story of a girls basketball coach who won a State five days after his wife’s death. [Amarillo Globe News]

“Illinois needs another Big Ten school, lawmakers say.” I can’t even … [Sun Times]

Here’s a look at what college basketball players are worth. Not surprisingly, Joel Embiid is worth a lot; guys on the end of the bench are not. [The Atlantic]

“As for compensation, Comcast SportsNet reported that the Eagles were requesting at least a third-round draft pick. But two of the NFL sources suggested they may not be able to even get that much in return.” [Philly.com]

Long but excellent read on Jared Remy, the son of the former Red Sox player who will spend the rest of his life in jail. [Globe]

Steve Masiello, who nearly coached Manhattan to an upset of Louisville in the NCAA Tournament, is a candidate to get the job at the University of South Florida. [CBS Sports]

Nebraska offensive lineman sentenced to 45 days in jail for beating up an Air Force cadet. [Husker Extra]

“The woman whose false rape accusation sent NFL player Brian Banks to prison for five years has been ordered to pay a $2.6 million judgment.” [Fox Sports]

Is DeAndre Jordan the NBA’s most improved player? He’s only 24, and leads the NBA in rebounding and field goal shooting. [SI]

So Pablo Sandoval’s contract extension talks with the Giants aren’t going very well. [SF Gate]

Turning ‘Divergent’ and ‘Hunger Games’ into a political discussion. I imagine this won’t go over well in the comments. [Salon]

“The end result after paybacks, buyouts of existing deals, factoring out revenue that would have been received under the old TV deal, etc. left the Average “Joe Pac-12″ with about $4.3 million in new television revenue, not $21 million as many thought.” [Oregonian]

The Virginia Tech basketball coaching job “is a dead end,” says disgruntled former Marquette star. [Journal Sentinel]

Spend five minutes and watch these guys catch a hammerhead shark.

Stephen Curry crushed Tony Parker with a crossover Saturday night.

Killer whales seem interested in these sea lions. [via Adam]

Mad Men, finally, is returning.

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